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The mystery of the ancient underground tunnels

Underground tunnels which are found on all continents of the Earth. Riddle of man-made structures is still not solved by experts. For what purpose and who built their team are not known.

Ancient tunnels under the ground

Jan Piek Polish researcher believes that the ancient tunnels are located all over the planet, including the oceans. These tunnels as if burned into the earth. The walls of the tunnels was hardened melt rocks, very similar to glass. Modern professionals are still unknown such tunneling technology. The age of the oldest tunnels about a million years, they were found in 1965, Juan Moritz ethnologist from Argentina. His expedition explored the province of Morona-Santiago in Ecuador, and struck a map of the tunnels located at a depth of 230 meters. The walls of these tunnels are very smooth, as if polished, the walls have ventilation pipe. The length of these tunnels hundreds of kilometers in different directions, one direction leads to the Pacific ocean. Still most of the tunnels are unexplored.

Andrew Thomas expert from the USA believes that the ancient tunnels penetrate the North American continent, linking it with Europe and East Asia. The most important intersections of these tunnels are called nodes. One such node is located under mount Shasta in California. One of the branches leads out into a large space that has been found near California under the bottom of the Pacific ocean.

Tibet is one of the important nodes. He is riddled with ancient underground tunnels, the walls of these tunnels are perfectly smooth. Buddhist monks believe that it is here in the depths of the mountains is Shambhala, where I live dedicated. They move through tunnels in special devices with great speed.

Recently discovered vast unexplored emptiness in Egypt under the pyramids on the Giza plateau. These tunnels go in different directions: North to the Black sea, to the Tibet to the East and to the West to the Atlantic ocean. Where they connect with the American system.

In the Caucasus and Crimea is another site of ancient tunnels. Under the ridge Uvarov in the Caucasus, the cavers discovered the tunnels leading to the Crimea, the Volga region and the Caspian sea. Medveditskaya ridge, located in the Volga region in its depths there is a network of tunnels. Most of the tunnels are circular and their diameter is from 7 to 30 meters. There are big halls.

Russian researcher P. Miroshnichenko says in his book “the Legend of LSP” that all of Russia is stitched with ancient tunnels. At the moment, not all the tunnels discovered. One of the ancient tunnels was discovered in the 1950-ies, when the tunnel was built in the Tatar Strait. One of the participants of construction, says: the drifters not so much constructed much restored some ancient tunnel. But it never made it. There is speculation that this tunnel goes through Sakhalin to Japan and to America.

Nuclear strike waited for the ancient people

The older and deeper the tunnel, the design better and more precisely focused. The tunnels discovered in Western Europe the age of 12 thousand years is the youngest they are the most rude of all structurally found ancient tunnels. But even these tunnels could not build a primitive people. We can only assume that on the Earth there was an ancient highly advanced civilization which disappeared for unknown reasons. Leaving only our uncivilized ancestors.

Experts speaking about the disappearance of an advanced civilisation indicate the possibility of nuclear war in ancient times. A group of French scientists studied several large craters on the Earth’s surface, it is believed that it traces of meteorites, but perhaps craters formed from nuclear explosions. The age of some craters 25 thousand years. In South Africa, is the deepest crater.

The researchers believe that it was formed from a nuclear attack. Power, of which more than 500 thousand tons in trotyl equivalent.

Ancient mankind likely knew about preparing a nuclear bomb and was prepared for it. Perhaps it is for this and were made underground tunnels. Whether they helped is not known. There is another question: who built these tunnels which hundreds of thousands of years?

Underground country

The appearance of the tunnels is easier to explain the activities of aliens. But many researchers now say that these tunnels are created by the inhabitants of the Earth and possessed high technology. The ancient tunnels may have been built in anticipation of a natural global catastrophe.

About once every 60 years are the most disastrous catastrophe. Less powerful disasters occur every 100, 41 and 21 thousand years. Knew about this ancient and “supermen”, that’s why they built the underground tunnels, and then had gone away in a vast natural hollow in the ground, with its own flora and fauna, its sea. Theoretically, modern science allows for the existence of underground biosphere self-sufficient, and ancient people could settle in this underground world.

There are suggestions that these people are now living with us “underfoot”. During the laying of mines in England, the miners were heard from the ground the sounds of running machinery. When struck the stone mass, he saw a well, uvodivshey down the walls of the pit were perfectly smooth, the sounds intensified. Interested in finding experts, workers withdrawn from the mine. Exploring the dungeons in New Zealand interested in the security services. From the depths of this dungeon also came the sound similar to a siren, and shock. In China Hunan province was found underground hall where a lot of drawings, depicting people sitting in vehicles similar to UFOs. From the dungeon periodically hear the sounds.

The existence of the underground world is another proof. On Earth sometimes appear mysterious animals is one such animal is the Chupacabra. They are considered extinct animals, either quite unknown, there are short term and disappear into the unknown. Most likely, the underworld is connected to our underground tunnels which are coming to us these mysterious creatures.

Scientists believe that the underground level of civilization higher than ours. From there we arrive aircraft. After all, if you think about it “plates” the aliens too often to visit us. Here it is more logical to assume that they are not in space, but much closer. Your world they are trying to save people in secret, to do this, and are disguised as aliens.

The underground world where humans live millions of years for scientists remains a mystery. But it’s possible this mystery long ago unraveled the secret service and it is possible that she has been communicating with its residents.

Chronicles the life
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