Pyramid – the remnants of ancient civilizations

Pyramid – a mysterious ancient structures that entangled its network in many countries and continents. Is not the first and not even the hundredth generation of people reverently dies before the last surviving “seven wonders” of the ancient world – the Egyptian pyramids. Scientists and Amateurs are rediscovering their steps in the jungle of Mesoamerica, the brave enthusiasts go to the desert of Iraq, to admire the ruined ziggurats of Mesopotamia. Curious tourists admire the pyramids of Tenerife and the European fans mysterious mysterious buildings ready to see the pyramidal shape in the hills of Bosnia and in the rocks of the Kola Peninsula, Russia. While scientists are struggling with the mystery of the construction of the pyramids, the guests from different countries can intuitively feel their deep sense of the sacred. Hundreds of thousands of travelers each year go on tour. to personally touch these fragments of the ancient world, showing that modern technical civilization is just a certain stage, and in ancient times, there were other lost knowledge and culture.

Definitely, the most famous in the world the pyramids of Egypt, the age of the first – speed, with truncated summit – has six thousand years. They stood at the time when the first Achaean tribes only raided in Greece and their gods have not yet settled the Olympus. They stood, when it was based collapsed and Babylon, Carthage and arch. They stand now. The Greeks said that the pyramids of the “ancient time”, who knows what they had in mind? But thanks to the pyramids, Memphis and valley of Giza, the most visited country is Egypt. See the pyramids, to touch a hand to their huge stone blocks, to smell the desert and taste the sand on your tongue, still that to join the source of life and death, to feel a nagging sense of self-tsennosti and fragility.

In the late 60’s – early 70-ies of XX century by the famous Norwegian Explorer and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl after many years of research was absorbed with the idea to prove that the ancient Egyptians were so skilled mariners that crossed the ocean and reached South America, along the way establishing an interim settlement on the Islands. In proof, he cited his own study of vanished cultures and ruins of buildings. Eventually, together with a group of like-minded people built Round the ship, calling it by the name of the Egyptian sun God “RA”, with ancient technology and at the second attempt crossed the ocean. It was after travel and the success of documentaries about all the twists and turns of expeditions, in which participated our compatriot Yuri Senkevich, Easter island with its statues and truncated stepped pyramid of Tenerife are always of interest to fans of archaeological tourism around the world. The Norwegian argued that the striking similarities between the earliest known step pyramids of Egypt, the ritual of the pyramids found in Peru and in the region of Mesopotamia, and now pyramids Tenerife – sea exchanges between ancient civilizations.

However, nowhere is there such a number has already been found and another waiting in the wings step pyramids, as in Latin America. Famous temples of Mexico, Peru and Bolivia have long been a favorite place of tourists. However, each year researchers are finding in the jungle of new facilities. Recently the world’s news agencies spread around the news that one of the largest pyramids in honor of “the Feathered Serpent” (Quetzalcoatl) in 2003 was discovered a mysterious tunnel, which most likely leads to the burial chambers of the ancient leaders of the Indian of the Mayan civilization.

It is more difficult for fans of the pyramids at the present time to reach the ruined pyramid city-ziggurats of Mesopotamia, as most of them are located in the territory of war-torn Iraq. A little easier to visit carefully guarded the pyramids in the valley of Sichuan in Central China, where is about hundreds of buildings, discovered by Europeans in the early twentieth century. However, according to the beliefs of the local population, structures over five thousand years, because the first record of them belong to the period of the third Millennium BC the oldest on the earth of the state of the existing. The legend says that he built the pyramids in ancient times by the command of rulers, who were descendants of the “sons of heaven” descended to “iron dragons”. Unfortunately, the parts of China where pyramids are closed for visiting by foreigners.

But the Bosnian valley of the pyramids is much more affordable. The discovery of the pyramids near the town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the result of hostilities between the Bosnians and Serbs in the early 90-ies of XX century, when the bombing from the hills, covered with legends and mysteries, began to hear the sounds indicating voids. For fairness it should be noted that local villagers have for centuries decorated their homes patterned stones found in the vicinity of the pyramidal hills. The systematic study of the pyramids began only in 2005, but it is already clear that it is not just natural weathering of rocks and hills and vast unexplored by archaeologists a lost stratum of culture in the heart of Europe. Initially, the study was conducted contrary to the opinion of official science, by volunteers. Only a godsend in 2006-2007, man-made stone blocks, roads and even terraces, of which laid the pyramid called the “pyramid of the Sun” in honor of similarities with my Mexican “sister”, has convinced the skeptics-scientists to take seriously the idea that this is not a hoax. However, Bosnian valley does not fit into the generally accepted understanding of the pyramids, as it represents the hills of natural origin, which ancient architects have given a pyramidal shape, Ebtesam walls and laying them artificial plates. But the most striking thing is that studies indicate unrealistic from the point of view of modern archeology, the age of structures is of the order of ten to twelve  thousands of years.

How much more is unknown pyramids around the world? This unknown, but archaeological tourism is one of the fastest growing in our time trends in the tourism business, which sometimes overlaps with extreme tourism. However, each of the found pyramids adds a brick in the picture of the ancient world and causes a huge interest among researchers and travelers. Because most of us went to a far country in order to touch the mystery and discover something new that is well forgotten old.

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