Castles Of The Czech Republic


The main asset of this country is, as is well known, landmarks of Prague. thermal resorts and Gothic castles. Last as part of the compulsory curriculum in a tourist hunting for attractions.

More than two and a half thousand castles. To visit all, at least, dangerous for physical health and nervous condition. Although daily visiting one ancient Palace, you can visit all of them for several years. Appropriate classification of castles by style, as in this country fully presents three architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. This review will help to know what Gothic castles in the Czech Republic require special attention.

The chief representative of the Gothic style is the capital: Prague castle – castle of enormous size, located in the heart of the main Czech cities. Prague castle a century ago, was the Royal residence. Today the walls of the Gothic castle is home to the President of the Republic, and it is safe to say that other European presidents can only dream about the residence of this size. Prague castle is a store of architectural attractions, the chief of which can be called the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

The second Prague castle, separating the Old Place from the outside world – Vysehrad. In the race for the old Vysehrad surpasses even Prague Castle since it was built in the X century. Charles IV is often used the castle as their second residence. Vyšehrad cemetery located on the grounds of the castle, was immortalized on his tombstone the names of great figures of state.

In český Krumlov (Cesky Krumlov) is second in size castle – Krumlov castle, which has managed to combine all three basic styles – Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The castle was built in just 2 years, and for XIII century building speed is impressive, as the quality, and beauty. Of course, the original castle was built in the Gothic style, but reconstruction and transfers have diluted the architecture with fresh ideas.

Eccentric personalities worth visiting the Gothic castle Krivoklat. Attractions such as Krivoklat, can plunge into shock, because of the hunting castle of Charles IV was designed not just for hounds but also for state criminals. Brave tourists will find in this castle one of the most horrible instruments of torture.

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