Secrets of the subterranean cities of the SS

Secrets of the subterranean cities of the SS

During the second world war and after it, according to the degree of advancement of the Soviet troops in Nazi-occupied territory, began to appear stories, testimonies of those who experienced and saw with my own eyes underground structures, created by the Nazis. Today the appointment of some of them remains unknown and excites historians its mysteries.

The mysterious underground city of lake forest

The stunning kingsisle forest lake surrounded by signs everywhere of the mystery, which seems here even the air is impregnated. From 1945 and almost to the end of 1950-ies this place was, in fact, only under the supervision of the security Department of the city Menzies – where, as they say, the service was supervised by the Polish officer by the name Teluta – Yes commander stationed somewhere near the Polish artillery regiment. With their direct participation, and was implemented by a temporary transfer of the territory of the former German military camp of the Soviet brigade connection. Convenient town fully met the requirements and seemed to be all at a glance. However, the precautionary command of the brigade then decided not to violate the rules of the quartering of troops and ordered to hold the garrison in and around thorough engineer reconnaissance.

It was then, and began opening, struck the imagination of even seasoned veterans, still held at the time of service. Let’s start with the fact that near the lake, in a reinforced concrete box was discovered formed output underground power cable, instrument measurements on veins which showed the presence of industrial power supply voltage of 380 volts. Soon the attention of the bomb squad attracted a concrete pit that swallowed the water, lasvegasusa with height. Then intelligence reported that, perhaps underground power communication comes from Mandzyuka.

The military then told that the hills are the heaps represented the Egyptian pyramids. Inside they seem to have different backdoors, LAZ. Through them from the ground, the Soviet radiorelay in the regeneration of the garrison were sick of facing plates. Said there real gallery. And as these puddles, then, according to the engineers, it is flooded entrances to the underground city. There was there another mystery – an island in the middle of the lake. Military noticed that this island is actually not an island in the usual sense. He swims, or rather drifting slowly, standing as if at anchor.

Here as described this island one of the witnesses: “Floating island overgrown with pine trees and willows. Its area does not exceed fifty square meters, and he seemed really slow and hard rocking on the quiet black water of the reservoir. From forest lake was obviously artificial and the South-West and South continued, reminding the Appendix. Here the pole went in depth on two or three meters, the water was relatively transparent, but growing thick and reminiscent of fern algae completely closed bottom. In the middle of this Bay stood gloomily gray concrete tower, which had obviously once a special meaning. Looking at her, I remembered the intakes of the Moscow metro, accompanying his deep tunnels. In the narrow window it was visible, and inside a concrete tower standing water. There was no doubt: somewhere beneath me underground structure, which for some reason took to build it is here, in the wilderness under Menzigian”.

During one of the many engineering intelligence engineers revealed disguised as a hill the entrance to the tunnel. Already in the first approximation, it became clear that this is a serious structure, moreover, probably with all sorts of traps, including mine. For obvious reasons, information about this unusual expedition remained confidential at that time.

One of the participants in one of the search parties, technician captain Cherepanov told later that one dot, steel spiral stairs, they fell deep into the earth. By the light of lanterns acid entered the subway station. It was underground, as along the bottom of the tunnel laid railway track. The ceiling was no signs of soot. On the walls – a neat jointing of cables. Probably here the locomotive was driven by electricity.

The group entered the tunnel than at the beginning. The beginning of the tunnel was somewhere near a forest lake. The other part was directed to the West – to the river Oder. Almost immediately discovered an underground crematorium. Slowly, with precaution, a search team moving through the tunnel in the direction of modern Germany. Soon count tunnel branch has found dozens. Right and to the left. But most of the branches had been carefully walled up. Perhaps it was the approach to unknown objects, including parts of the underground city.

Grand underground network remained for the uninitiated threaten many dangers labyrinth. Check it thoroughly was not possible. In the tunnel it was dry – a sign of a good waterproofing. It seemed that the other, unknown, parties now see the lights of a train or large truck (vehicles, too, could move there). From the words of Cherepanov, it was a man-made underground world, is an excellent implementation of engineering. The captain explained that the group was moving slowly and after a few hours of being underground began to lose the feeling of actually traveled.

Someone from its participants thought that the study of preserved underground city built under forests, fields and rivers, – a task for the specialists of different level. This another level require a lot of energy, money and time. According to military, subway could stretch for tens of kilometers and “dive” under the Oder. Where to next and where its final station – it was difficult even to assume.

Gradually formed a new vision that is unusual in its scope of military secrets. It was found that in the period from 1958 to 1992 at patination brigade in turn was replaced by nine commanders, and each of them – like it or not – had to adapt to the neighborhood with this unsolved underground territory. By engineering the conclusion that only under the garrison was discovered and surveyed 44 kilometers of underground utilities. According to the testimony of one of the officers who served in the Soviet garrison, the height and width of the trunk underground metro of approximately three meters. Neck smoothly descends and dives into the earth at fifty-meter depth. There the tunnels branch out and intersect, there are transport grounds-junction. The walls and ceiling of the underground is made of reinforced concrete slabs, tiled, rectangular stone slabs.

According to the Polish historian, Dr. Podbelskogo, for many years engaged in the study of this city, the Germans began to build this strategic site in 1927, but the most active – since 1933, to power in Germany, Hitler came. In 1937, the last person arrived to the camp from Berlin and, as argued, on the tracks of the secret underground. In fact, from this moment on, the hidden city was put into use by the Wehrmacht and the SS. Some hidden communications giant object was connected with the plant and strategic storage, also underground, located in villages of High and Sands, in two-five kilometers West and North of the lake.

The lake itself, Xiwa is an integral part of the mystery. The area of its mirror is not less than 200 thousand square meters, and the depth scale – from 3 (South and West) to 20 meters (East). In the Eastern part of some Soviet soldiers had been in the summer time under favorable lighting to see on muddy bottom, something in its shape and other features resembling a very large sunroof that received from the soldiers the nickname “eyes of the underworld”.

The so-called “eye” was tightly closed. Isn’t his at the time had to cover from the view of the pilot and heavy bombs already mentioned above, the floating island? What could serve as such a trapdoor? Most likely, he acted as Kingston for emergency flooding of part or all underground facilities. But if Luke to this day is closed, so didn’t take it in January 1945.

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Secrets of the subterranean cities of the SS
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