Stained glass Windows in the Gothic style

Stained glass Windows in the Gothic style (Gothic style)

The historical and ideological basis of the Gothic style

The Gothic style emerged and developed in the second half of the 12th century in Western Europe. It took place in those countries dominated by the Catholic Church. Initially, the style belongs to the field of architecture, which in this period began rapidly to change their shape, which was due to the development of the culture of cities. The townspeople, who won in a historic clash with the lords, gradually form a new world, in which man is seen as the Creator, the Creator of all wealth. The person becomes inclined to a kind of patriotism, pride in their city and desire to file a claim.

If in the previous period, cathedrals were largely a defensive structure, but now they get the value of the symbol of the city. As a result the rich people want to Finance the construction of cathedrals and the artists and architects give them the most solemn and rich look.

Ideologically, the style is based on the spiritual striving upwards to God. This idea was the reason for the height increase of the temple buildings and the appearance of elongated forms of the cathedrals. All significant architectural elements have an orientation of up, characterized by moving vertically, as they would stretch to God. So, for the architecture of the period under consideration is characterized by the presence of numerous elongated, pointed towers, spires long, stretching up the narrow Lancet Windows.

In the end, the Gothic temple has a visual lightness of constructions, a large number of vertically directed decor, the close relationship between interior and exterior.

Place the stained glass in the Gothic space of the Church

Gothic stained glass Windows in the temple was a kind of analogue of Orthodox icons: these were the images that contributed to the creation of a special religious feeling. Especially the achievement of this goal helped the light passing through stained glass Windows and the dome. He was perceived as a symbol of the Holiness of what was depicted on the stained-glass Windows. Medieval man took stained glass as an instrument, which is able to influence the soul, to enlighten it and to keep a person from committing evil.

Technologically Gothic stepped forward in comparison with previous historical periods of development of stained glass. Enriched and color palette of the stained-glass Windows. In the Gothic style dominated claret, purple, scarlet, gold, bright green, cobalt, purple, blue-black. This flavor of Windows affect the lighting inside the temple: here there is a mysterious twilight. Despite significant progress, a Gothic palette is not too varied. In General korite can be described as cold and bleak.

The invention of the Gothic stained glass window – grisaille technique, which involves the operation of a monochrome ornamental plates of glass. In this case, we used glass light shades, so the stained glass in this technique was popular in areas with complex structure and many spots where the light falls. Grisaille contributed to a better light.

In the early Gothic style in stained glass was used only colored glass. Elongated Windows forced artists to significantly stretch the image, which they placed, in this connection the figures of people was disproportionate. In the late 13th century, this problem has learned to solve by using frames color stained glass image transparent glass. The result is a stained glass pattern was a colored band in the center of the transparent window. It was functional and ideal as it is allowed to use the temple premises for more light.

In the late Gothic period stained glass started to be used not only in cathedrals. So, near the Cathedral begin to build the town hall, which are a symbol of the city. Thus, in the period of his actual historical existence of the Gothic stained-glass window moved in the interior of public places and living spaces, where it is successfully used in a stylized form to this day.

The theme of the stained glass Windows in the Gothic style

The theme of the stained glass in the Gothic period included the following areas:

Bible stories (for example, the parable of the prodigal son), images of the saints;

the life of monarchs, the world of medieval nobility;

knightly motifs;

domestic scenes related to the work of urban and rural residents;

mythological subjects and heroes, fairy tale characters, dragons, unicorns, Sun, Moon, Earth, Zodiac signs, the four elements, symbolizing the Universe, etc.

On the Windows of cathedrals the whole unfolding narrative of the life of saints and biblical heroes, about the history of Royal births, the emergence of the Universe, about the foundations of the universe. Stained glass details so illustrated these stories, that window becomes a kind of equivalent of handwritten texts.

Gothic stained glass window in a modern interior

Gothic is considered to be the real crown of the middle ages, and today this Symphony of light, stone and glass can be quite popular. Modern interior can be made whole in the Gothic style, but the designers Studio “Steklotara” recommend to stay on Gothic styling. The fact is that the Gothic involves spacious rooms with high ceilings. Most naturally Gothic style will be embodied, if it is possible to create the above aspiration upwards, and this is possible only with a significant ceiling height. For example, very suitable this style for cottages with a second light.

Stained glass window in the Gothic style will be appropriate for all elongated elements, in particular, at Windows and in doorways. A great opportunity to create a Gothic stylization and ceiling inserts. to simulate the dome. If architectural features, decorating Windows and doors round expressive outlets. From neutral images Gothic, fit well in a modern interior, you can list Gothic ornament, repeating the forms of Lancet designs of temples, and floral motifs: appropriately stylized Shamrock and rose. Exotic will look jousting, unseen animals from medieval legends.

Gothic stained glass can decorate the room, not carrying in General, prints Gothic. If you have a collection of old weapons or paintings depicting medieval scenes, or just for you appeared to be very similar Gothic themes and colors, you should not abandon the idea to decorate your home with these stained-glass Windows.

In any case, in the end, iridescent glow of stained glass in Gothic style will be an unforgettable experience for everyone lucky enough to visit the interior.

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