The greatest monuments

The greatest facilities. Mahjong / Desktop

We are glad to introduce a new game from Alawar from the category “Desktop”, one of the most popular games to date from this company.

Screenshots greatest buildings. Mahjong:

“Bone turnover”, “Four Rivers”, “Memory” and other varieties of the famous Chinese solitaire distract you from worldly worries and allow to enjoy the measured time. A stunning backdrop of the playing field with the image of the wonders of the world civilization sure to please you!

By the way, before the start of each stage, which only in the game will have seven, you can learn the history of a place, which is a world culture heritage. This legendary Colosseum and the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China. What else is ahead? Go to the next historical milestone, you can, if you successfully complete the 20 levels of the previous stage.

To catch the allotted time for each level to solve the problem, carefully read the rules of the game. For example, if the traditional Mahjong you have to find a pair of identical dice, the game “Find Nepara” offers to do the opposite. Be careful! If you need immediate assistance, offers a hint at the bottom of the screen. There you will be able to use the “Mix” if you suddenly no more possible moves left.

Once on the playing field will be a special bone, hurry to try them in action. They all match the selected domino show and dismissed all the bones of the selected type, and even increase the number of available pairs. In short, these helpers ahead of time will lead you to victory. And for the high-speed action of the game you also get useful bonuses, which also allow you to quickly find the right pair.

To sort out what to do at the next level, look at the top bar of the screen on which you will always find the name of the type of the current game. There you will be able to track and remaining time until the end of the level. In short, there is no barrier to victory!

We in the website s, you can download the game’s greatest buildings. Mahjong is absolutely free and without registration. To download the game, click Link from the download to the left under the icon of the game. There will download installer of the game (.exe) file that you need to run to automatically install the game on Windows.

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