The Privalov house demolition

Demolition of houses in Sadovnicheskaya Privalov

On Friday morning in the center of Moscow near the house number nine on the street appeared Sadovnicheskaya cordon. So the situation around the building, known as the house of the merchant Privalov. It began demolition. Gradozaschitniki insist that the complex was built by the architect Nirnzee has historical and cultural value. Investors are assured that they are ready to make concessions – to recreate the dismantled building in its present form, the historic facade of the building at the time to strengthen, then carefully restored. And besides, they are trying to demonstrate the legitimacy of its actions and perfection.

These frames courtyard houses Privalov now become chronicle. So look historical buildings before his death in the early morning. Not yet earned excavator buckets that turn traces of Art Nouveau in dust and ashes. This damage began to appear soon after December 30th, 2014 in the Moscow government decided to demolish the houses. In the website s “Arhnadzora ‘claim that two weeks ago began the analysis of the roof, floors, grand staircase destroyed, old hollow glass, stucco, interiors of apartments.

Despite protests from residents of neighboring houses and gradozaschitnikov, demolition of houses Privalov started. According to eyewitnesses, at 9:38 was demolished famous gothic towers. Now comes the destruction of the second of the three buildings. But see what happens in the courtyard is not really possible, because the cordon put up around the house.

The history of attempts to drift tenements Privalov lasts since 2002. Then wear a complex of buildings was 65 percent. Gradozaschitniki always believed: it is necessary to preserve the unique house of the architect Ernst Nirnzee, the author of the first Moscow skyscrapers. Until 2002 the house was inhabited. While it is not transferred to the investor – the company “Giant XXI Century”, which proposed the project of reconstruction and all the while trying to get permission to dismantle the buildings.

“We are the third time passed all the necessary procedures. In the past few years on us as investors, who have fulfilled all the conditions we settled all tenants, increased pressure to produce the reconstruction of buildings that we probably left the area. What we do not ever go, “- says Valery Zabelin, CEO of” Giant XXI Century “.

These apartment buildings with Art Nouveau architecture, the Gothic turrets and cheap rooms Privalov merchant in 1902, built for the young intelligentsia. Here settled the editors of “Milky Way”, where there were Yesenin, Northerner, Pilniak. The ensemble has a memorial and architectural value. This was proved by experts certified by the Ministry of Culture. In mid-December the ministry had submitted documents that were supposed to admit the house of historical and cultural value of the state.

Rustam Rakhmatullin – moskvoved, coordinator of the public movement “Arhnadzor”:

“This was reported on the so-called tolerable Commission in December. Where Marat Khusnullin put the question to a vote rather than to remove it from the agenda. Because the word “monument” and “demolition” is nowhere in the law does not stand side by side. As it only became aware of the commission – and that it was known by the Moscow City Duma, the building is to identify a monument – the issue had to be removed from the agenda. Instead, the protocol signed by the Commission bearable. ”

While the document is about giving conservation status was considered in the Ministry of Culture, the protection of the House of Privalov made by 40 writers – they wrote a letter to the e Russian President with a request to keep the monument. However, last night in the courtyard of the house was introduced heavy machinery and began to demolish the house.

Victoria Inozemtsev – poet, initiator of the literary treatment:

“Since December 15 this building should be protected by the state in accordance with the law on the protection of cultural heritage. What is going on here – it is a criminal offense. I think that all the perpetrators will sooner or later be punished for whatever positions they were not. ”

While the protesters demanded to stop the demolition of houses, the investor at the press conference showed a document dated January 14 of this year, from which it follows that the house is of no value.

“We have received a reply from the Ministry of Culture, who says that the reason to recognize these buildings of historical and cultural valuable enough. They simply do not have. Here is the answer the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation “, – said Valeriy Zabelin.

The whole day in the house – pickets. The public is against the illegal demolition, the battle joined the party and the movement. Prepared appeal to the prosecutor’s office. And in the evening the Ministry of Culture has sent a written explanation, which shall notify all the parties to the dispute that “… can not issue a conclusion on attributing or not attributing” Ensemble tenements Privalov 1810s, 1903-1913 GG architect. E-P. K. Nirnzee “to the cultural heritage …”. As an act of historical and cultural examination of the object is made in violation of applicable law. Particular attention is drawn to the fact that “… this explanation can not be interpreted as a refusal to accept the building of the Ministry of architectural monuments. Ministry of Culture of Russia is categorically against the demolition of an object representing the architectural value … ”

Meanwhile, in Moscow collected signatures of citizens who do not agree with the “new urban policy.” A few years ago, it has been declared as “security, protecting old Moscow.” And in fact, it turned out to be a continuation of the corruption of Moscow vandalism started back in the 90s.

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The Privalov house demolition
Demolition of houses in Sadovnicheskaya Privalov On Friday morning in the center of Moscow near…

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