Children Of The Universe

The role of the ancient places of power and megalithic constructions

In many ancient communities were known a special device, which, in their view, was purified and harmonized information environment of our planet, thereby increasing the influence of the places of power. One of them is mantra wheels (wheels mantra), widespread in the civilization of Tibet since ancient times.

Mantra wheels

Mantra wheels consist of a hollow cylinder rotating on an axis. The dimensions of such a cylinder may vary from a few centimeters to several meters. A small mantra wheels, the Tibetans are in his hand, turning a slight wiggle of the brush. The wheels are bigger in number near temples and other sacred structures. In addition, they can be placed in different areas, sometimes very remote from the dwellings of man, rotating by wind or water in a mountain stream. These wheels are connected to a small turbine and rotate day and night. It should be noted that all mantra wheels rotate clockwise when viewed from above.

According to Tibetans mantra wheels during rotation generate energy that harmonizes and purifies the environment. That is why they can be found anywhere. Naturally, materialistic science all the stories about the beneficial impact of mantra wheels was considered a superstition. However, modern physics allow us to look at them from a completely different point of view. Studies of so-called torsion fields arising from rotating massive cylinders, cones, and other objects showed that they exhibit pronounced biological and physico-chemical action. Moreover, now that this completely new kind of physical fields associated with spin polarization of the physical vacuum.

Thus, it has now become clear that a great many mantra wheels, rotating in Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim and other countries, it is hidden but very important work, harmonizing and cleansing the invisible a field environment. In other words, mantra wheel is a peculiar instrument, a sort of “entropy pump” that reduces the chaos and disruption of the environment.

However, in these devices, discovered in ancient times, there are still some know – hows that are missing in modern spin-torsion generators. The first is mantra, used as modulators of spin-torsion fields. In fact, the type of a mantra defines the nature of such generator. In other words, the effect does not depend on the radiation energy and with its information component, modulated by the semantic structure of a mantra. In this respect, the study of ancient archetypal characters and mantric formulas deserves the attention of modern science.

Stone circles

From the point of view of modern science the stone circles had the following main functions:

first, it was the kind of place intended for contact with the cosmos, and, speaking in modern language, with the information layers;

secondly, powerful megatropin generators, thereby they contributed to the maintenance of harmony and order;

thirdly, being associated with a unique acupuncture points of the planet (places of power), they played an important role in the harmonization of the whole noosphere-the earth’s biosphere, maintained constant contact between it and humanity.

From this point of view the stone circles are ancient ecological structures of our planet.

Usually a megalithic complex includes a rather complicated system of stones dug vertically arranged or in the form of a circle, or several circles, arranged in rows or forming a quite complicated mazes. The arrangement of stones, usually attached to the guideposts of the sky (the North star, the zodiac, etc.) It often gives reason to accept the megaliths for some kind of ancient observatories.

As a rule, a megalithic complex will have a focal point, a place where ceremonies took place. This can be a sort of stone altar, temple or just a plate. Ie quite easily there is an analogy between the “standing stones” of megalithic structures and well-known in physics a diffraction grating, a phased-array antenna – a device capable of concentrating and focusing in a certain direction electromagnetic energy. Even more interesting hypotheses about the mechanisms of action of stone circles occur when using modern models of physical vacuum and torsion fields concepts.

If we assume that the megalithic complex is designed to focus the energies coming from space, it will become clear binding stones to the starry sky. And of course, it needs to be linked to energies of earth, so the location of the megaliths, linking landscape characteristics.

The study of geometrical shapes of circles, of location allows us to hypothesize about possible mechanisms of their antibioticheskih, biogenic influence on the environment. In a modern spin-torsion generators have not used rotating metal cylinders, and cones. It turned out that a vortex electromagnetic field (in principle, a vortex can have any physical nature: to be hydrodynamic, acoustic, etc.). If from this point of view to look at Celtic stone circles, you can see that they, apparently, also are torsion generators, which rotate in an invisible field vortices.

And really research Scottish scientists have shown that the stone circles are usually located on the lines of Hartman, and under them is the flow of groundwater. The form of the stone circle is organized in such a way that passing through it a flow is swirling (about the same as the vortices arise around the stones in the riverbed). It is clear that such an invisible vortex will be much more than the usual mantra wheels – hence a large radius of action.

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