Chernobrov V.


This book contains information about the mysterious, unusual, strange places, those that hit and amaze people, past and present.

Lists the places where there is unexplained physical processes, where there was the mysterious animals, buildings and structures of unknown purpose, place, and so the sound of mirages. D.

There are places possible hronoanomaly, places where there were cases of teleportation. For most of these places are accurate e as well, although still without a precise location and Alatyr Arctida, Belovode and Kitezh, Mount Meru and Shambhala.

You can find detailed information about the dolmens and Medveditskaya ridge, mound Sineus and put Ilya Muromets, learn about one of the versions of the origin of Kolomna.

The fact that the story of this settlement (which is now located in the south of Moscow) goes back to the I century BC Some researchers believe that it was founded by the Roman legions, led by their commander Quintus Kolomna. Mikhail Lomonosov believed that the Romans could well settle in the suburbs. During excavations in Kolomenskoye Professor Nekrasov discovered tombstones with inscriptions in Old Church Slavonic and Latin. On one of the limestone slabs were listed: <! – More -> «PRAEFECTUS CVINTUS COLOMNIUS». Finds and remnants of armor and weapons of the Roman legionaries.

Few people know about the unique “Russian Stonehenge”, located in a secluded spot near the river Usa in the Komi Republic. In the tundra in a circle with a diameter of about 10 meters are 15 stone monoliths height of 7-8 meters. The size of rectangular columns as in the base, and at a height of approximately 0.5 x 0.5 m. In fact, it is – the only ancient construction “according to the type of Stonehenge” in the vast continental Eurasia.

Miracles sometimes occur, and in the midst of the people.

So, in the city of Tula has a few square meters of quay, where, according to eyewitnesses, was repeatedly observed momentary disappearance of people and objects at a time from fractions of seconds to minutes.

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