Gothic sculpture in France interiors

Gothic sculpture in France the cult interiors.

The entry -1

Chapter L the Addition of the Gothic style in France

1. The main stages of development of religious architecture And.Romanski period – 7 1.2 early Gothic phase -10

2. The origins of Gothic sculpture

2.1 Basic sculpture school -14

2.2 the Capitals of the Romanesque period -28

3. Conclusion -34

Chapter II, Gothic sculpture in the interiors of religious buildings in France

1. Sculpture 1150-1280. Early Gothic L / Sculptures major cathedrals of France -36

1.2 Compositional features and motifs of the monumental decorative sculpture -56

L3 Conclusion -73

2 – Sculpture, 1280-1400. High Gothic

2.1 Compositional features and motifs of monumental-decorative sculpture -76

2.2 the Sculptural program of publish chapels -96

2.3 the Tombs and gravestone image -99

2.4 Personalities of the sculptors -107

2.5 Conclusion -111

3. Sculpture 1400-1530. Flamboyant Gothic FOR the Compositional features sweaty and monumental – decorative sculpture -113

Hiromitsu and gravestone image -140

3.3 Personalities sculptors -146

L. J Conclusion -149

4 – development Trends shaping pieces of sculpture in the Gothic period in France,- /.1 the Development of sculptural forming – during the Gothic period in France

4.2 Methods character styling when building the image in the plastic sculpture in the Gothic period -160

4.3 Conclusion -166

Chapter III. Synthesis of sculpture and architecture in the interiors of Gothic cathedrals of France,

1. The evolution of compositional techniques and artistic means of the relationship of architecture and sculpture in cult Gothic interiors -168

2, the Place of sculpture in the Gothic Cathedral 2L Localization of sculpture ^the Gothic Cathedral -172

2.2 the Evolution of the role of imesta sculpture in the Gothic Cathedral -181

3 – General methods and differences in the solutions exterior and interior sculptural programs of the cathedrals -183

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