The formation of techplan


In the formation of techplan underground facilities (storm sewer) have done the following:

1. Struck cadastral quarter and filled semantics “cadastral number”

2. Imported CPT

3. Struck linear object – the outline of underground structure (red strichpunkt)

4. Caused manholes 19 pieces (Circuit structures, vnemasshtabnye round)

5. Fill the semantics of the wells (own name, method of determining the coordinates, the radius, the formula for calculating MT)

6. Gathered wells in the set main – first

7. Created the signature on the card

8. Maintained graphic files for the report

9. Corrected settings georeactor

10. Started the Dialogue “Techplan facilities” and filled in form fields

11. Formed report

Questions on the report:

11.1. Missing field values table 2 props section for information about the executed measurements and calculations (4th report).

11.2. Rooms feature points of the contour are treated as text (offered for the numbering of characteristic points of the contour of the structure to add a separate semantics in the classifier, or the number of the first circuit structure serves as the name of the facility). (5th report).

11.3. Cadastral number the land plot, within which is a construction, if the construction of a multiple loop, specify the number of cadastral numbers of the land, equal to the number of contours of the construction of individual name – number of the circuit structures. Number of storeys and ground storeys, according to the XSD schema optional attributes, text to 200 characters, cadastral chamber requires the dashes in this case, but stores an integer, underground etazhnost decimal number

11.4. The legend of the Graphical part of the application do not correspond to the requirements to prepare the technical plan of the construction (more reminiscent of the legend to the graphical part of the demarcation plan)


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