Gothic sculpture in France interiors

Gothic sculpture in France the cult interiors.

The entry -1

Chapter L the Addition of the Gothic style in France

1. The main stages of development of religious architecture And.Romanski period – 7 1.2 early Gothic phase -10

2. The origins of Gothic sculpture

2.1 Basic sculpture school -14

2.2 the Capitals of the Romanesque period -28

3. Conclusion -34

Chapter II, Gothic sculpture in the interiors of religious buildings in France

1. Sculpture 1150-1280. Early Gothic L / Sculptures major cathedrals of France -36

1.2 Compositional features and motifs of the monumental decorative sculpture -56

L3 Conclusion -73

2 – Sculpture, 1280-1400. High Gothic

2.1 Compositional features and motifs of monumental-decorative sculpture -76

2.2 the Sculptural program of publish chapels -96

2.3 the Tombs and gravestone image -99

2.4 Personalities of the sculptors -107

2.5 Conclusion -111

3. Sculpture 1400-1530. Flamboyant Gothic FOR the Compositional features Continue reading

Chernobrov V.


This book contains information about the mysterious, unusual, strange places, those that hit and amaze people, past and present.

Lists the places where there is unexplained physical processes, where there was the mysterious animals, buildings and structures of unknown purpose, place, and so the sound of mirages. D.

There are places possible hronoanomaly, places where there were cases of teleportation. For most of these places are accurate e as well, although still without a precise location and Alatyr Arctida, Belovode and Kitezh, Mount Meru and Shambhala.

You can find detailed information about the dolmens and Medveditskaya ridge, mound Sineus and put Ilya Muromets, learn about one of the versions of the origin of Kolomna. Continue reading

Underground structures tutorial

underground structures textbook

Brief characteristics of the main electrical equipment for use at construction sites Electrification of surface and underground facilities. Underground structures, depending on the hydrological conditions and the depth of the exercise in different ways, the main ones are open, Kstena in the soil and standpipe. ID 152243 Abstract The principles of electricity and the construction of power distribution schemes in enterprises, building the city’s underground facilities.

Not many guidebooks mention of these underground systems, tunnels and huge caverns, located sometimes right under our feet. SGASU university. Diaphragm wall.

Open method is based on a passage from the pit of repose or sheet piling, which is being built at the bottom of the underground facility. for foundation; · Fencing; · Impervious.

Most of them were originally classified and have only recently become available to the public on probation. But what is it in comparison with a thirst for adventure sets photo graphs amateur, and again descend into the unknown?

By purpose diaphragm wall is divided into three types ˸ · bearing including Web IRBIS 2009.1 introduces a new version of the popular product series IRBIS!

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Anthony cave
The Anthony caves of the Troitsko-illinsky monastery in Chernihiv – is a monument of religious…

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The formation of techplan
  In the formation of techplan underground facilities (storm sewer) have done the following: 1.…

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10 worst in America
10 most brutal and mysterious places in America 1. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Bachelor's Grove Cemetery…

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