The Privalov house demolition

Demolition of houses in Sadovnicheskaya Privalov

On Friday morning in the center of Moscow near the house number nine on the street appeared Sadovnicheskaya cordon. So the situation around the building, known as the house of the merchant Privalov. It began demolition. Gradozaschitniki insist that the complex was built by the architect Nirnzee has historical and cultural value. Investors are assured that they are ready to make concessions – to recreate the dismantled building in its present form, the historic facade of the building at the time to strengthen, then carefully restored. And besides, they are trying to demonstrate the legitimacy of its actions and perfection.

These frames courtyard houses Privalov now become chronicle. So look historical buildings before his death in the early morning. Not yet earned excavator buckets that turn traces of Art Nouveau in dust and ashes. This damage began to appear soon after December 30th, 2014 in the Moscow government decided to demolish the houses. In the website s “Arhnadzora ‘claim that two weeks ago began the analysis of the roof, floors, grand staircase destroyed, old hollow glass, stucco, interiors of apartments.

Despite protests from residents of neighboring houses and gradozaschitnikov, demolition of houses Privalov Continue reading

Underground tunnels at the cave

Underground tunnels at the cave. If all secrets are revealed?

Underground tunnels Kiev

It is believed that Kiev has been well studied and there are hardly “White spots” on the map of the city. However, there is a military secret “of the Kiev Citadel” which is still a mystery! It will be about underground tunnels at the cave.

In 1986, your obedient servant participated in the examination of the foundations of the destroyed Dormition Cathedral in Lavra! A detailed study of soil conditions, it was found interesting historical detail! Namely, besides the main cave there are a lot of secret passages and unexplored, to which no direct access. Then the restorers have made the assumption that the tunnels should go to the fortified area and somewhere to end the round buildings that formerly served as a hussar barracks.

As a result of deep drilling under the Foundation of the assumption Cathedral abolished in order to preserve the cultural historical formation and do not fill with cement mortar of cave passages.

In the future as the information disappeared in the flow of the problems with Chernobyl! In addition, these materials were classified as “Secret” and not really made public.

Much later, being on construction and repair work of the complex “Panorama” at the cave, out of curiosity examined Continue reading

10 worst in America

10 most brutal and mysterious places in America
1. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery
Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is located in suburban Chicago, Illinois. The cemetery is partially broken, and for many years suffered from vandalism and violation of borders. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a popular place with ghosts. The most popular attraction of Bachelor’s Grove – Ghost Ladies in White or the Madonna, which is often seen with a small child. This phantom was accidentally shot in the photo film and became famous photo Graphite Jude Feiz, which for the first time published by the newspaper Chicago Sun-Times in 1991. It depicts a woman sitting on a fallen gravestone, and your evening gown beige develops in the wind. It is said that she walks through the cemetery and is looking for her lost child.
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The oldest fossil salamanders
Six specimens of salamanders have recently been discovered at the bottom of a dry lake…

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Paintings By Claude Monet
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Chronicles the life
The mystery of the ancient underground tunnels Underground tunnels which are found on all continents…

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