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25 unique temples in the world

25 unique temples of the world

Lutheran Church in Reykjavik, is the fourth tallest building in Iceland. The design of the Church was designed in 1937 by architect Hudiono Samuelson. For the construction of the Church took 38 years. The Church is in the center of Reykjavík, and is visible from any part of the city. She became one of the main attractions of the city, and is also used as an observation tower. The architecture of temples has a very rich and controversial history, which, however, shows that with the construction of temples and spread all the architectural innovation, new styles and trends around the world. To this day preserved majestic places of worship of the great civilizations of the ancient world. But there are also many modern examples of amazing architecture of religious buildings.

The Cathedral Of Las Lajas

One of the most visited churches in Colombia. The construction of the temple was completed in 1948. The neo-Gothic Cathedral was built directly on the 30-meter arch bridge connecting the two sides of a deep gorge. care of the temple are two Franciscan communities, one Colombian, the other is Ecuadorian. Thus, the Cathedral of Las Lajas became a pledge of peace and Union between the two South American Nations.

Notre Dame du Haut

Concrete pilgrimage Church, built in 1950-55 years in the French town of Ronchamp. The architect Le Corbusier, not being religious, has agreed to undertake the project, provided that the Catholic Church will give Continue reading

Gothic style

Gothic style

Most often, the concept of Gothic style associate with the middle ages, and largely attribute it to the architecture. Although, nowadays there are Gothic music, there are trends in clothes, subculture, etc. in General, the notion of Gothic has the value “eerily majestic.” And no wonder. Everything associated with this style, really is so. Let us dive into this amazing atmosphere.

Gothic style

The Gothic style believed to have originated in the mid-twelfth century in Northern France and in the thirteenth century extended to the territory of modern Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain and England. In Italy, the Gothic has penetrated and later led to the emergence of the so-called the emergence of the “Italian Gothic”. At the end of the fourteenth century Europe was hit by international Gothic. And in the countries of Eastern Europe Gothic entered later and stayed there a little longer — until the XVI century.

At that time characterized by the penetration of the Gothic style in almost all genres of art, be it sculpture, painting, mural or portrait miniature. As a style, the Gothic replaced the Romanesque and anticipated the Renaissance. In architecture the Gothic style can be traced clearly. He began to develop on the basis of Burgundian style. For architectural forms of that time is characterized by long sharp spikes, high arches, the rich carved decoration. Indeed, the temples Continue reading

Slava Mizin

Slava Mizin – pseudo-megaliths in the Leningrad region.

In the last issue of “Heritage” appeared an article by Konstantin Yudin on “mysterious balls of St. Petersburg.” The author’s desire to draw Parallels between the seita worship and the modern symbolic “rituals” balls on the Spit of Vasilyevsky island is clear, but, in my opinion, not well substantiated.

Rock on the shores of Vuoksa near Priozersk, despite the modern legend that has no relation to the megaliths and ancient sacred places.

The General between them only that both of granite. Needless to say so affirmatively about the Parallels between the ancient places of worship and architectural delights of recent eras? Indeed, the balls are visually impressive and quite expressive, and attract people, but no mystery here. Recently it came into Vogue “urinate” Petersburg any price. In the vicinity of the city suddenly began to find “megalithic” structures, and in quantities Continue reading

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