The most ancient structures in the world

The map is known and drawings in the slave societies of antiquity the peoples of the Ancient East who lived in the river valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, and in Egypt. In these countries was widespread irrigation agriculture, which required the construction of an extensive system of irrigation and drainage facilities: canals, dams, reservoirs, created the density of the population and gave rise to a high value suitable for farming land. In these conditions (in the construction of irrigation facilities, setting boundaries of land plots, calculating land tax) there was a need in the area description. As evidenced by the documents found, such descriptions sometimes took the form of map images. The construction of large cities with fortresses, temples and palaces demanded making their plans. In addition to drawings of small sites we have, some primitive, well-known at the time in the world. Trade links and exchanges with foreign countries and numerous conquests contributed to the expansion of the geographical horizon and encouraged consolidation of acquired knowledge.

Relatively many finds discovered during the excavations in Babylonia and other countries of Mesopotamia, where the material Continue reading

Paintings By Claude Monet

Paintings by Claude Monet could shed some light on London fog

Paintings by Monet depicting Gothic buildings were based on real observations of London and not born from his imagination in the Studio in Giverny, in France, according to the authors of a study conducted at the University of Birmingham.

Claude Monet. “London. Parliament. The sun in the fog”

Paintings by Monet depicting Gothic buildings were based on real observations of London and not born from his imagination in the Studio in Giverny, in France, according to the authors of a study conducted at the University of Birmingham, writes newspaper the Daily Telegraph. Analysis of his paintings, letters and architectural drawings, the results of which were published in the journal Royal Society Proceedings A, has allowed scientists to pinpoint the location of the artist on the covered terrace of the former Governor’s hall of the hospital of St. Thomas, located on the second floor. The building has not survived, but today, the same views can be enjoyed from the South-West corner of Westminster bridge.

The contour of the Parliament against the sky gave the researchers the guidelines to determine the position of the sun. Were then produced by calculating solar geometry to identify the date and time of the creation of landscapes with accuracy to the minute. In the end – “excellent match” with information from Monet’s letters in which he grumbles about London’s “sad and colorless” Continue reading

Castles Of The Czech Republic


The main asset of this country is, as is well known, landmarks of Prague. thermal resorts and Gothic castles. Last as part of the compulsory curriculum in a tourist hunting for attractions.

More than two and a half thousand castles. To visit all, at least, dangerous for physical health and nervous condition. Although daily visiting one ancient Palace, you can visit all of them for several years. Appropriate classification of castles by style, as in this country fully presents three architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. This review will help to know what Gothic castles in the Czech Republic require special attention.

The chief representative of the Gothic style is the capital: Prague castle – castle of enormous size, located in the heart of the main Czech cities. Prague castle a century ago, was the Royal residence. Today the walls of the Gothic castle is home to the President of the Republic, and it is safe to say that other European presidents can only dream about the residence of this size. Prague castle is a store of architectural attractions, the chief of which can be called the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

The second Prague castle, separating the Old Place from the outside world – Vysehrad. In the race for the old Vysehrad surpasses even Continue reading

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