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The Cathedrals Of Prague


The creation of the famous Cathedral of Prague began in the 14th century and ended by the 20th? On top of what the Cathedral has a viewing platform, accessible via a ladder in the 300 stone steps? The Church fulfilled the functions of the spiritual heart of the Old Town. and it was the main Hussite Church in Prague. In what temple discovered the tomb of the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe? In what year was built the personal synagogue warden ghetto Mordaha Meisel?

In Prague a huge number of churches, cathedrals, churches and chapels. The cathedrals of Prague create a truly unique flavor. Loretto – Cathedral in Prague in the Baroque style. St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals of Prague. its creation began in the 14th century and finished only 20th. The towers of the Cathedral can be seen in any place of Prague’s old town. The Cathedral is located on the territory of Prague castle. here are the tombs of many kings of Bohemia. “Facades of St. Vitus Cathedral is decorated with rich stone carvings. Above the portal of the South facade is a mosaic. “The last judgment” (1371-1372) is the oldest surviving Czech mosaic.

A spiral staircase from the Great South tower of Cathedral SV. Vita is a technological wonder of its time. Its axis three times twisted in different directions, and the upper coating consists of a delicate network. Gold plated window grating, given by Rudolf II, hides Continue reading

Gothic sculpture in France interiors

Gothic sculpture in France the cult interiors.

The entry -1

Chapter L the Addition of the Gothic style in France

1. The main stages of development of religious architecture And.Romanski period – 7 1.2 early Gothic phase -10

2. The origins of Gothic sculpture

2.1 Basic sculpture school -14

2.2 the Capitals of the Romanesque period -28

3. Conclusion -34

Chapter II, Gothic sculpture in the interiors of religious buildings in France

1. Sculpture 1150-1280. Early Gothic L / Sculptures major cathedrals of France -36

1.2 Compositional features and motifs of the monumental decorative sculpture -56

L3 Conclusion -73

2 – Sculpture, 1280-1400. High Gothic

2.1 Compositional features and motifs of monumental-decorative sculpture -76

2.2 the Sculptural program of publish chapels -96

2.3 the Tombs and gravestone image -99

2.4 Personalities of the sculptors -107

2.5 Conclusion -111

3. Sculpture 1400-1530. Flamboyant Gothic FOR the Compositional features Continue reading

Slava Mizin

Slava Mizin – pseudo-megaliths in the Leningrad region.

In the last issue of “Heritage” appeared an article by Konstantin Yudin on “mysterious balls of St. Petersburg.” The author’s desire to draw Parallels between the seita worship and the modern symbolic “rituals” balls on the Spit of Vasilyevsky island is clear, but, in my opinion, not well substantiated.

Rock on the shores of Vuoksa near Priozersk, despite the modern legend that has no relation to the megaliths and ancient sacred places.

The General between them only that both of granite. Needless to say so affirmatively about the Parallels between the ancient places of worship and architectural delights of recent eras? Indeed, the balls are visually impressive and quite expressive, and attract people, but no mystery here. Recently it came into Vogue “urinate” Petersburg any price. In the vicinity of the city suddenly began to find “megalithic” structures, and in quantities Continue reading

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The Cathedrals Of France
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