The most unusual pyramid

The most unusual pyramid

1. At McCarran airport, the gambling city of America-Las Vegas experience incredible scenery — endless huge skyscrapers, bright neon advertising signs and signboards of hotels, casinos, restaurants, and a sky illuminated by thousands of lights and huge dark pyramid in the Egyptian style is the second largest hotel in the city “Luxor Hotel & Casino”. It is a place where ancient legends come to life, and an atmosphere of merriment and light-heartedness.

2. Close to Cairo are the real historical monuments — the majestic pyramids. The largest of them – Khufu. Every stone of the pyramid is impregnated with mysticism and spirit of history. Its endless tunnels, chambers and tombs still keep many mysteries, which modern scientists have not been able to find the answer.

3. In the heart of Rome on the East Bank of the Tiber is a huge architectural monument, created by industrious craftsmen in the 12th century BC — the pyramid of Cestius. Thirty-seven meter high pyramid towers over urban landscapes. It is located near the gate of San Paolo. It is from here that the tour guides suggest that you begin your stroll around the city and study an ancient artifact.

4. Among the green forests of Bosnia North of Sarajevo unique hidden pyramid, created by nature itself — hill Visocica. Its height is more than two hundred meters, and the base is approximately equal to the territory of the near lying villages Continue reading

The oldest subway in the world

The first metro station in Moscow

The first metro station in Moscow was the twentieth in the world

The first working day of the Moscow metro was the fifteenth of may, 1935. On this day, his services were used three hundred and seventy thousand people. The length of the first subway line was a little above eleven kilometers. It was thirteen stations. The line started from “Sokolniki” and ends with the station “Park Kultury”. The compositions consisted of four cars and arrived at the station every five minutes. By the end of 1935, the interval was reduced to four minutes and the trains consisted of six cars.

Station “Park of culture” was one of the first in the Moscow metro

It is known that the construction of the subway in Moscow existed in the 1890 year. It was planned that the route will be constructed in tunnels, on overpasses, and on red Square will be built metrovacesa. The construction was prevented by the clergy and cabs. Today at the station “Sports” in the South lobby there is a metro Museum. There you can see the layout of the first underground and first trains.

The Museum of the Moscow metro

The old station of the Moscow metro

Sokolniki is one of the first stations of the Moscow metro, which began work in 1935, the year. She was one of three end stations, along with “Smolenskaya” and “Park of culture”. The first train with passengers in the history of the Moscow metro went with this station.

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10 worst in America

10 most brutal and mysterious places in America
1. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery
Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is located in suburban Chicago, Illinois. The cemetery is partially broken, and for many years suffered from vandalism and violation of borders. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a popular place with ghosts. The most popular attraction of Bachelor’s Grove – Ghost Ladies in White or the Madonna, which is often seen with a small child. This phantom was accidentally shot in the photo film and became famous photo Graphite Jude Feiz, which for the first time published by the newspaper Chicago Sun-Times in 1991. It depicts a woman sitting on a fallen gravestone, and your evening gown beige develops in the wind. It is said that she walks through the cemetery and is looking for her lost child.
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Gothic sculpture in France interiors
Gothic sculpture in France the cult interiors. The entry -1 Chapter L the Addition of…

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Secrets of the subterranean cities of the SS
Secrets of the subterranean cities of the SS During the second world war and after…

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Secrets of the subterranean cities of the SS
Secrets of the subterranean cities of the SS During the second world war and after…

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